Marie Curie Postdoctoral Fellows in Systems Security


In the past years, the SysSec Network of Excellence has helped researchers to submit proposals for two-year-long fellowships in the area of Information Systems and Network Security. This initiative concerned holders of a Ph.D. with at least four years of research experience who wished to continue their research with one of the SysSec partners.

The applications we provided support for could be could be of one of these types:

  • Intra-European Fellowships for Career Development (IEF). Experienced researchers must move from an EU Member State or EU Associated country to a SysSec Host.
  • International Incoming Fellowships (IIF). Experienced Researchers must move from an Other Third Country to a SysSec Host.

An additional requirement was that applicants should not have worked as researchers in the country of their SysSec host for more than 12 months in the 3 years immediately prior to their application deadline date.

SysSec Hosts

The following members of the SysSec Consortium were participating to this fellowship initiative as hosts:

  • Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, The Netherlands
  • FORTH-ICS, Greece
  • Institut Eur├ęcom, France
  • Polytecnico di Milano, Italy
  • Chalmers, Sweden

How SysSec contributed

SysSec provided its help and support in many different ways to applicants who applied for Marie Curie Fellowship through this project's initiative. Specifically, SysSec:

  • Helped applicants to get in touch with researchers at the various host institutes.
  • Provided feedback on their proposal.
  • Actively supported the proposal by means of a support letter.
  • Bolstered the proposal by means of its Researcher Mobility Program .

The Researcher Mobility Program enables researchers to gain additional international experience during the fellowship. Under the program, researchers visit each of the SysSec hosts for 2-4 weeks to work on their research with top researchers. The whole process was intentionally kept very lightweight in order to not put additional paperwork burden on the applicant.

Why has it stopped?

Recent calls for Marie Curie Fellowships preclude applicants from attaching support letters to their applications. We feel this was the strongest point of the SysSec MCF initiative. For this, we decided to discontinue this action as our help would not be as substantial as we would like.

If you still want to get in touch with SysSec for any Marie Curie Fellowship related issues, you can contact us at mcfemail separator