2nd SysSec Workshop Program

8:50-9:00Introduction - Welcome
9:00-10:30Session 1 - Top Papers From Europe
  [SoK]: Prudent Practices for Designing Malware Experiments: Status Quo and Outlook. Christian Rossow, Christian J. Dietrich, Chris Grier, Christian Kreibich, Vern Paxson, Norbert Pohlmann, Herbert Bos, Maarten van Steen.
Presented by Christian Rossow. (swapped with the talk by Juan Caballero due to logistical issues)
  Before We Knew It. Leyla Bilge, Tudor Dumitras.
Presented by Leyla Bilge.
  Cookieless Monster: Exploring the Ecosystem of Web-based Device Fingerprinting. Nick Nikiforakis, Alexandros Kapravelos, Wouter Joosen, Christopher Kruegel, Frank Piessens, Giovanni Vigna.
Presented by Nick Nikiforakis.
10:45-12:15Session 1 - Top Papers From Europe (continued)
  Why Eve and Mallory Love Android: An Analysis of Android SSL (In)Security. Sascha Fahl, Marian Harbach, Thomas Muders, Matthew Smith, Lars Baumgartner, Bernd Freisleben.
Presented by Sascha Fahl.
  Don't trust satellite phones: a security analysis of two satphone standards. Benedikt Driessen, Ralf Hund, Carsten Willems, Christof Paar, Thorsten Holz.
Presented by Benedikt Driessen.
  Trawling for Tor Hidden Services: Detection, Measurement, Deanonymization. Alex Biryukov, Ivan Pustogarov, Ralf-Philipp Weinmann.
Presented by Ivan Pustogarov.
13:30-15:00Session 2 - The Best Rejects (how to get your paper published in a top conference)
  Lessons learned while publishing: "Practical Timing Side Channel Attacks Against Kernel Space ASLR" Ralf Hund, Carsten Willems, Thorsten Holz.
Presented by Thorsten Holz.
  Lessons learned while publishing: "Dowsing for overflows: A Guided Fuzzer to Find Buffer Boundary Violations". Istvan Haller, Asia Slowinska, Matthias Neugschwandtner, Herbert Bos.
Presented by Herbert Bos.
15:00-16:30Session 3 - Best papers from the EU projects
  Eradicating DNS Rebinding with the Extended Same-Origin Policy. Sebastian Lekies, Ben Stock, Martin Johns - Websand Project.
Presented by Sebastian Lekies.
  Specialization and Outsourcing in the Malware Ecosystem. Presented by Juan Caballero - NESSOS Project (swapped with the talk by Christian Rossow due to logistical issues)
  VisTracer: a visual analytics tool to investigate routing anomalies in traceroutes. Fabian Fischer, Johannes Fuchs, Pierre-Antoine Vervier, Florian Mansmann, Olivier Thonnard - Vis-Sense Project.
Presented by Pierre-Antoine Vervier.
16:30-18:00Student Poster Session